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Strong Interest Prompts KMMG to Extend Application Period

Posted on April 21st, 2010 by Patrick Sands

West Point, Ga. April 21, 2010 — Due to the strong interest of individuals throughout the region, Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Inc., announced today it is keeping open its online application for another two weeks. Since re-opening the application process in November, more than 42,000 individuals have applied for a position as Production Team Member, Maintenance Team Member or Die Maintenance Team Member.


“We are very appreciative of the overwhelming response from people interested in joining the Kia team,” said Randy Jackson, director of human resources for KMMG’s West Point, Ga., facility. “But, we know there are many more people who want to see if they have what it takes to make it as a team member. We want everyone to have the chance to see if they can make it as a Kia team member, so we’re keeping the application open until May 7.


” Individuals wishing to apply for a position as Production Team Member, Maintenance Team Member or Die Maintenance Team member can go to KiaJobsInGeorgia.com and learn more about the opportunities at Kia’s state-of-the-art auto assembly facility. While visiting the website, individuals can fill out and submit an application. Only online applications are being accepted. Visitors to the site can also view videos of current team members at KMMG and get an inside look at the facility.


Jackson said the success of the new Kia Sorento has led to increased demand for the vehicles, which in turn has accelerated the hiring schedule for the second wave of team members. More than 1,300 team members are currently employed at KMMG, and the company anticipates hiring hundreds more in preparation for another shift of production beginning this fall.


“Consumers have really responded to the quality and appeal of the new Kia Sorento,” Jackson said. “That’s a great testament to the dedication and quality of our current team members, and the effectiveness of the support we have received from Georgia Quick Start.”


KMMG’s online application process made headlines when it was first launched in 2008, marking an industry-first innovation that was developed for Kia by Georgia Quick Start, the state’s acclaimed workforce training organization.


“Our partnership with Quick Start has helped us truly ‘select the best’ from our applicants,” Jackson added.


KMMG anticipates additional growth in the future as they add production of additional car models at the facility. At that time, KMMG will again re-open the online application process. Individuals who want to receive notification of future hiring opportunities at KMMG can subscribe to the FirstAlert! email notification at KiaJobsInGeorgia.com.


“We know many people want to apply, but have put it off, or are students who might be about to complete high school or a technical college program and are just now thinking about what to do after graduation,” Jackson said.


“To them, and everyone else looking for an opportunity to be a part of the growing advanced manufacturing sector in Georgia, we say, thank you and apply now. You have two weeks to take a great step toward a great new career with Kia.”


Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Inc. (KMMG) is the first manufacturing site in North America for Kia Motors Corporation based in Seoul, Korea. KMMG is located on 2,200 acres in West Point, Georgia, and began full mass production of the 2011 Kia Sorento on November 16, 2009. At full capacity, the plant will have the ability to build 300,000 vehicles annually. The 2011 Kia Sorento is assembled in the United States from U.S. and globally-sourced parts.




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